Devuélveme el coco / Give me back that coconut! Says Cuban music legend, Benny Moré…

In this classic from the 1940’s, “el bárbaro del ritmo” (the wildman of rhythm), Cuban music legend Benny Moré demands: “¡Devuélveme el coco!”  GIVE ME BACK THAT COCONUT!

That’s what we are onto with our Indiegogo #cocofilm project campaign: lets give back coconut to those who own its rich culinary traditions in Esmeraldas (Ecuador) who are unaware of the benefits of this local and ancestral food. Lets make a film to disseminate up to date scientific information about coconut and health, and of its rich culinary history in Esmeraldas and other parts of the global tropics. Esmeraldans deserve it. They own coconut traditions.

Esmeraldas is a coastal province of Ecuador where coconut has been a staple for people of African descent for centuries. Recently, the traditional uses and health benefits of coconut have made it to the forefront of cutting edge medical research and are being promoted through all sorts of health food and beauty products by U.S. and European companies. There are about 50 brands of coconut oil being sold through advertising it as a health food with all sorts of miraculous properties. U.S. Americans and Europeans have slowly but surely overcome the anti-saturated fat bias,  which was based on flawed scientific studies dating to the 1950’s. Saturated fat is an important component in the meaty part of mature coconuts. Science finally caught up with centuries-old coconut-rich culinary traditions in the global tropics. Coconut fat is good, not bad for us.

But as coconut is becoming mainstream in the U.S.,  it is simultaneously becoming inaccessible to people in Esmeraldas. Although in Esmeraldas coconuts grow in people’s backyards and nearby plantations, people are having less access to it due rising prices (as much as $2.50 per coconut) and outdated medical advice which demonizes saturated fat. Medical doctors in Ecuador are not up to date with the science, and Esmeraldas’ rich coconut traditions are being unfairly demonized.

If you are into coconut oil, oil pulling, coconut for hair/skin care, coconut oil for cooking and baking, and into a health-conscious life in general, this is your chance to show that you also care for the health of the people who grow your food.

If you spend a fraction of your coconut oil or health supplement purchases donating to make this important film a reality, you can make the world of a difference in the lives of those who grow coconuts in their backyards and yet don’t care to use them under false beliefs that deny their wise traditions.

Do you love coconut? Help us by liking our project facebook page Comidas que curan, and by sharing and donating any amount in our Indiegogo campaign page.

Click here to read the full story and donate for this important cause!

If you still haven’t, watch & share our #cocofilm campaign promo video/ trailer and get on grooving to the sweet tunes of coconut, in this case all the way from Esmeraldas, a famous tune played on Marimba (Andarele) by Don Naza y su Grupo Bambuco.


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